Air Plants


WATER - Depending on the temperature and light of where you place your air plant, you want to water accordingly. The hotter, the more you'll want to water. The colder and more humid a room (i.e. bathroom) you will need less watering.
Soak your airplants in bowl of room temperature water once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes. Shake out water and let dry upside down on a paper towel. Try to water only in the day time so it has sufficient time to dry.
If you prefer, you can also mist your plants everyday or every other day depending on the temperature of its placement.

LIGHT - Bright, indirect light.

SOIL - Air plants don't need soil.

CARE - Air plants naturally die in their lifetime, but before they do, some species will reproduce babies. Babies can be safely separated from their mothers when they are at least 1/2" in size.